Alfonso’s Hideaway in Coarsegold, CA

When we arrived in Coarsegold we decided to see what the little town had to offer for restaurants.  We stopped at a Mexican place called Alfonso’s Hideaway.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was “small town”, with a counter near the door containing lots of fudge!

They had great food, and Jeff ordered flan which came in a glass usually used for ice cream sundaes instead of in a bowl. He said it was really good!

The floor wasn’t very clean, but the tables and other surfaces were fine.

This place doesn’t have a website, but here are the reviews that were put on Yelp:


A really nice RV park here in Coarsegold!

After the tight space in our Pismo Beach RV site, we headed up to Coarsegold where there is an Escapee Club Co-op RV park.  What a change!  The sites are spacious and separated so there’s quite a bit of privacy at each site.

But, as with all the Escapee Club parks, everyone is very friendly!  The park itself is in the foothills of Yosemite, so all our walks are up and down hills.  Good workout!

And, there’s a small dog park where Laddy can go off leash and run around.  It’s quite hilly as well.  It’s open 7/24 but around 4pm a lot of people show up with their dogs so Laddy can socialize…although almost all are little guys!  Laddy is definitely the biggest dog in the park!

Here are a few pictures of our site and the park:

Holiday RV Park in Pismo Beaach – it was nice but…

The sites were SO TINY!  It’s basically a parking lot for RVs.  Our site had enough room to park our trailer and when the slides were out we were RIGHT on the line to the next site.  In order to park the truck within our site we had to put the mirrors in and back in right next to the trailer.  We barely had enough room to open the door and step out.

We didn’t have neighbors on the door side so we started parking the truck in the site next door. But, there was a next door neighbor on the other side and their truck was literally a couple of inches outside our window.  They had to squeeze between their truck and their trailer to get to their door that was at the rear of their trailer.  Ugh!

Other than that it was a nice enough park.  Nice and level, a pool, clubhouse, laundry facility.  The staff was pleasant and the grounds were well taken care of.  And, we got a 15% discount for being Escapee Club members.  But, I don’t think we’ll stop at this RV park again just because of the size of the site.

Pismo Beach/Avila Beach – what a lovely area!

We’ve been in Pismo Beach for over a week now and will be here till this Saturday.  While here we’ve had fun seeing the area here, up to Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo and down to Grover Beach.  It’s a great area, gets windy though!

The only negative is that the sites here at our RV Park are very tight!!  The space allotted to us is just barely enough to set up our trailer and put out the slides and park next to it.  Our neighbor has his truck just inches from our living room window and his picnic table is right under our bedroom window.  Ugh!

We were told about a dog beach up in Avila Beach where dogs can go off-leash.  It’s bordered by rocky cliffs  – not too high but high enough that he won’t attempt to climb, so we’re comfortable letting him rur around!  Laddy just loves running up and down the beach with the other dogs that are there, and he also loves running into the water to fetch balls and sticks.  He’s afraid of the little waves though, so if we throw the ball too far we have to hope another dog will go out to fetch it!

Here are a couple of pictures of the dog beach area:

Review – Ventura Ranch KOA *****

We stayed in Santa Paula for a week, near Ventura and Ojai, CA.  We weren’t sure what we wanted to do in the area, but we remembered that it’s a pretty area from a trip we took up here several years ago.

Our criteria when choosing an RV Park to stay at is first: they allow Laddy (some don’t allow Dobermans as some insurance considers them an aggresive breed, for those of you who know Laddy you know how silly that is!); second: price, as we are on a budget; third: they are close enough to the area attractions that we aren’t spending a ton on money on fuel; fourth: at least elec and water as we aren’t into “dry camping”; and fifth: Jeff looks on Google Earth to see if it’s an attractive RV park with shade and enough space.

We knew before arriving in Santa Paula that they would allow Laddy, the price was reasonable for the central Ca. coast, that it was less than 20 miles to either Ventura and the coast and also less than 20 miles to Ojai and the hilly area of the region.  We opted for an elec/water only site as the full hookups were more expensive, and from Google Earth the park looked rustic and pretty with lots of shade trees and space around the sites.

The first site they selected for us was very tight for a 30′ trailer (really 34′ if you count the hitch) and didn’t have room to park the truck as it was on the outside of a loop meaning a pie-wedge shaped space.  They let us move to another site for all but the last night which was part of Easter weekend and already booked.  So, we were comfortable in the site.

The park itself is lovely, large with lots of trees, shrubbery, flowers etc.  There was a patch of irises just behind our trailer that was blooming (my favorite flower).  There were squirrels and bunnies and ducks and a flock of peacocks that would wander through the park, the alpha male showing off his large feathery display several times a day.  This KOA is very kid-friendly with a huge jumping pillow (about 40 kids would fit on it at once!) and a zipline too!  We decided to ride the zipline and there’s a separate blog entry about that with videos 🙂

So, this RV park gets 5 stars from us!

New to our Blog – Reviews!

After being on the road for several months, Jeff and I have realized we can’t recall names of restaurants we enjoyed, some details about RV Parks that we might want to remember if we come to an area again, etc.

And, we’ve realized that while online review websites such as and have some good information, we find some dog parks and good places to visit through other avenues such as neighbors at an RV Park or just driving by and saying “Oh, look…!”

So, we thought we’d better start documenting the good and the bad about places we’ve been.  We’ll focus on RV Parks, dog parks and restaurants as we need those everywhere, but we’ll also include local attractions such as museums, state and county parks, etc that we visit and either like or want to avoid next time.

Laddy got to enjoy the beach and surf in Avila Beach, CA

When we first got Laddy he was very unsure of putting his feet into water – what a long way he’s come!!  We took him to a beach in Avila Beach that a neighbor had said dogs could go off-leash, and boy did he have a great time!!  There were several other dogs catching a frisbee in the surf and he joined right in – got very wet but had a blast!

I’m hoping to upload a video of him playing in the water.

Here’s  my review on BringFido: