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We had to get a repair done to our travel trailer while in the D.C. area

A couple of weeks ago when we drove from Charlotte NC to Williamsburg, VA we found that our bedroom slide wouldn’t go out.  It was stuck in the “in” position.  We called a local repair shop and took it in to them, but they found that they would have to dismantle the whole bedroom to get to the motor and track to find the problem.  They were a busy shop and said they do the work.

Since we were in a fairly rural area and there were no other repair shops around, we waited until we got to the D.C. area to find another repair shop.  This meant we had to crawl around in the bedroom (at least the bed doesn’t fold up so we could still sleep in it!!) and it meant we couldn’t get to some of our clothes, but it was manageable for a while.

So, once we got to D.C. Jeff called around and found a repair shop certified to work on Coachmen products and we scheduled a day to take the trailer in.  He explained that we live in the trailer full-time and we couldn’t “drop it off” and come back several days later to pick it up, and the owner said they would make sure the repairs were finished and the trailer back to us that same day.

Well, it took them 9 hours but they delivered on the promise!  It was past 8pm when we got the trailer back, and his guys helped us hitch up and get out of their lot in the dark.

Here’s my review of this place on Yelp (click here).


Key Largo Princess Glass Bottom Boat Tour – great way to see the reef without getting wet!

We decided to take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the reefs around the Florida keys instead of snorkeling or diving (not my cup of tea!!).  We chose the Key Large Princess tour which is a two-hour tour out to the Pennekamp State Park reef about 3 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean.

I was shocked and amazed to find that 3 miles out in the ocean the reef comes to within 6 feet of the surface!!  From the top deck of the boat looking through the wake I was able to see the bottom!  Once we got to the reef area we all went to the lower deck and sat around the railing to look through the glass-bottom.  We saw baracuda, a large grouper, a stingray, parts of a shipwreck, and lots of brightly colored small fish.  We also saw lots of living coral, waving in the water.  They looked like purple lettuce!!

The pictures Jeff took didn’t come out real good due to them being through the glass, with the boat moving and the fish moving etc.  But, here are a few, below.  Also, here’s my review of the tour:

New to our Blog – Reviews!

After being on the road for several months, Jeff and I have realized we can’t recall names of restaurants we enjoyed, some details about RV Parks that we might want to remember if we come to an area again, etc.

And, we’ve realized that while online review websites such as and have some good information, we find some dog parks and good places to visit through other avenues such as neighbors at an RV Park or just driving by and saying “Oh, look…!”

So, we thought we’d better start documenting the good and the bad about places we’ve been.  We’ll focus on RV Parks, dog parks and restaurants as we need those everywhere, but we’ll also include local attractions such as museums, state and county parks, etc that we visit and either like or want to avoid next time.