We had to get a repair done to our travel trailer while in the D.C. area

A couple of weeks ago when we drove from Charlotte NC to Williamsburg, VA we found that our bedroom slide wouldn’t go out.  It was stuck in the “in” position.  We called a local repair shop and took it in to them, but they found that they would have to dismantle the whole bedroom to get to the motor and track to find the problem.  They were a busy shop and said they do the work.

Since we were in a fairly rural area and there were no other repair shops around, we waited until we got to the D.C. area to find another repair shop.  This meant we had to crawl around in the bedroom (at least the bed doesn’t fold up so we could still sleep in it!!) and it meant we couldn’t get to some of our clothes, but it was manageable for a while.

So, once we got to D.C. Jeff called around and found a repair shop certified to work on Coachmen products and we scheduled a day to take the trailer in.  He explained that we live in the trailer full-time and we couldn’t “drop it off” and come back several days later to pick it up, and the owner said they would make sure the repairs were finished and the trailer back to us that same day.

Well, it took them 9 hours but they delivered on the promise!  It was past 8pm when we got the trailer back, and his guys helped us hitch up and get out of their lot in the dark.

Here’s my review of this place on Yelp (click here).


Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

At Arlington Cemetery we walked around a bit and then visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.  We didn’t get there at a time to see the changing of the guard, but we did get there to see some presentations of floral wreaths by schoolchildren.  There were three different wreath presentations, each with 4 schoolchildren and a lot of ceremony by the soldiers involved.

Here’s a video we took of the wreath ceremony: (click here)

And, here are pictures we took of the cemetery and the tomb of the unknown soldiers:

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. – we got here just in time!!

We arrived in Washington D.C. on a Friday and discovered that we were just in time for the Cherry Blossom festival!  We drove into the city on Sunday but because of the Cherry Blossom timing the traffic was HORRIBLE!  It took us several hours to get through the downtown area as traffic was truly bumper-to-bumper and moving at about 1mph with pedestrians everywhere!

We did get a few pictures of cherry blossoms though – here they are:

The Marine Corp Museum at Quantico

We stopped for a few days in Quantico, VA as Jeff was interested in seeing the Marine Corp Museum there.  It was very interesting – they had the museum separated into sections by major war periods starting with the formation of the Marine Corp in 1775, through the Civil War, WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam and current time.  They are continuing to add to the museum; at this time a little more than half is viewable.

The museum is very visible from the freeway as it has a large stylized roof that is symbolic of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

Here are pictures we took at the museum:

Endless Caverns – another cavern near Luray in western VA

We found that there are several caverns in the area of Luray, VA that are open for tours to the public.  We went to two of them, Luray itself which is the best-known, and Endless Caverns which is on the site of the RV Park where we stayed.  This is a cavern and we were the only two people on the tour we took.  That is actually a good thing, we were able to progress at our pace and not stop and wait for slow-pokes like you have to do on a tour with 20+ people!

We were impressed with this cavern; the formations were wonderful here as well!

Here are pictures we took:

Luray Cavern – a beautiful fairyland place!

We visited two caverns located in western Virginia.  The larger was Luray Cavern.  The part we toured is approx 160 feet below the surface and was a bit warmer than other caverns we’ve been in.  The tour guide explained that it’s a bit warmer because of the higher level of humidity.

This was a beautiful cavern!  The colors are more pronounced in this cavern than in other caverns we’ve visited…even Carlsbad!  And, the beautiful formations are everywhere!  In other caverns you would walk down blasted out pathways to get to the next “room” where the formations were; at Luray they were non-stop!

There is a stalacpipe organ in Luray which was very different.  In the 1950s someone was commissioned to install a pipe organ and wire it to various stalactites around one of the larger rooms.  The resulting sound from the organ was like small bells with different tones, quieter than I imagined it would be.  They couldn’t make the sounds louder without damaging the stalactites.  The room where the pipe organ was installed has hosted over 500 weddings over the years!  Can you imagine getting dressed to go to a wedding and having to walk down into a cavern in order to participate?

Here are pictures we took of the Luray caverns: