Remember the Alamo!

We stopped in San Antonio on our way west and visited the Alamo.  It’s quite small in terms of size, but has a great story to tell of bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.   Did you know that the siege of the Alamo by General Santa Anna was 13 days long and the Mexican Army had over a thousands troops while the U.S. had less than 300?  Did you know that the U.S. troops were given a choice to stay and fight to the death or leave and try to escape and that only one person left?  Did you know that no reinforcements were able to make it to the Alamo in time to come to the aid of the soldiers – every soldier was killed and their bodies burned.

There were some women, children and slaves who were spared with the command to tell the story.

If you’re ever in south-central Texas, be sure to stop and see the Alamo!!