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Ouch! I was attacked by red ants a few days ago

We were out and about on Saturday and I had some red ants climb up onto my left foot and leg and got some bites.  Some on my foot where any kind of shoe rubs against them, and some up my leg.  We counted 17 bites!  And BOY DO THEY HURT!  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the kind of burning/stinging sensation that they have caused.  It’s really painful.  I’ve been slathering on the calamine lotion which helps until something rubs against the bites, like a shoe or pant leg.  Then it starts up again.

Here’s a picture of a few of them on my leg:

Laddy is recuperating nicely!

Last week Laddy had to have emergency surgery to remove a foreign object that he had swallowed.  He’s swallowed things before but they’ve always passed, this one didn’t.  We didn’t even know he’d swallowed something!  It was in his intestines for probably 3-4 weeks.

Since coming home from the hospital he’s had some trouble getting up and down the steps into the truck and into the trailer.  So, Jeff made a ramp for him and after his initial fear of it he’s using it very nicely.  Here are a coupl

e of pictures:


I was chased down by someone who wants my recipe!

We were getting back from running errands and a lady in a nearby RV ran over to us.  “OH!” she said, “was hoping that I’d catch you.  We were at the same RV park as you a few days ago and as we walked by we could smell the most delicious dinner being cooked!  Can you share the recipe with us?”

Ok, I thought, what was I cooking a few days ago?  I hadn’t cooked too much lately as we’d been doing lengthy day trips while at Lone Pine – so it had to be spaghetti.  I told her I make spaghetti from scratch rather than dump in canned spaghetti sauce with some noodles.  I saute onions, green peppers and garlic, put in a chicken sausage to brown, then add mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts and plenty of oregano.  I make the sauce by mixing 1 part tomato paste and 2 parts marsala wine (a cooking wine) and stir that in just enough to get it heated up.  Yum!


A typical day for us retirees

We’ve been living in the trailer and “on the road” for 7 weeks now and have settled into a routine for days when we aren’t out exploring the area.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I’m preparing most meals rather than eating out, both to conserve our funds and also because I enjoy it and now have time to indulge in this hobby.

We went to a local farmers market yesterday and bought beautiful tomatoes, a huge head of lettuce, strawberries and a cantaloupe.  I cut up the cantaloupe and strawberries this morning – they are SO wonderful!  Sure beats store-bought!

I’m also baking my own bread now.  So far I’ve made basic white bread, potato bread, rye bread and sourdough bread.  Jeff really likes the rye bread (with caraway seeds) and I’m really glad there’s a local store here in Fort Bragg that sells bulk spices – I got 3/4 lb of caraway seeds for about $4.50!!  If you purchase a regular spice bottle you’ll get 2 oz. for over $6.  WOW!

I’m planning to make sourdough bread this afternoon so I got my sourdough starter out and fed it this morning and separated enough for today’s batch.

The first picture shows my kitchen.   I LOVE the fact that the kitchen in our trailer is at the END of the trailer instead of in the middle hallway like so many trailers have it.  Having a separate space that’s not along the hallway makes it so much nicer to work in that space.  It’s small but has lots of counter space and cupboard space!

Jeff keeps up with friends using Facebook and email and he’s starting a project to copy all his CDs of music onto his computer.  He’s also spending a lot of time with Laddy – every morning they go for a run and Laddy gets at least 4 walks every day plus training time.  When he’s in the trailer, Laddy’s space is on the couch.  I keep it covered with a sheet so I can shake out the dog hair and wash it to keep the couch from getting dirty.

I’ve included a picture showing the view as we open our trailer door and step out.  We’re right on the Noyo river, close to the ocean so that we see the tides cause the river to rise and fall.  We haven’t used the picnic bench too much as it’s COLD here!  Luckily we have a nice table with two benches inside the trailer to eat at, and also where I have my laptop to keep up with my business.

Time to take Laddy for another walk, so that’s all for now 🙂


I am still running my website design business from the road

With modern technology I am easily able to continue running my website design business even while we’re travelling.  I’ve had no trouble getting internet connectivity and use a laptop.  I have a printer/scanner stored under the dinette bench so that I can scan or print documents.

I keep all my records electronically so there’s no need for records storage, and I use Paypal whenever possible to pay for any needed business items and also to invoice several of my customers.

You can visit my business website at

Laddy goes athletic!

Because Laddy doesn’t have the ability to run around in a yard as he did (for a short time) in the house on Glenroy, we’ve been trying to find dog parks whereever we are.

There was one in Visalia that we took him to a few times.  He really enjoyed running with the other dogs, and there was one border collie that would “herd” Laddy.  It was fun to watch; Laddy wouldn’t know which way to turn as Peaches would be right there herding him backwards.

Now we’re in Morgan Hill, so one of the first things we did was find a local dog park. Morgan Hill has a real nice one as part of the community center (  It’s attached to a larger park; it has a pond with lots of ducks and gees, basketball courts and shade, picnic tables etc.  The dog park itself has a big dog and small dog section, and it’a BIG with lots of shade, benches scattered around and lots of buckets for water.

Laddy sure enjoys running around and meeting the other dogs.  He’s so friendly with everyone, dogs and people.  He’s starting to figure out that the purpose of us throwing the ball is for him to go fetch it and bring it back.  At first he would just run with the dogs chasing the ball, then he started to see the other dogs get the ball and run with it so he would do that too.  Today, for the first time, he brought the ball back to Jeff and me.  It took a couple of times of wrestling the ball from him mouth stating “Drop it” before he would do that but when he saw that we would throw it again he got better at it.

Here are a couple of pictures of Laddy enjoying himself at the dog park.

The hair comes off

Almost a year ago I decided that when we’re on the road I didn’t want to deal with a new hairdresser every time I needed a trim.  I’ve gone home and cried in the past when a new hairdresser just butchers my hair!  I had found a great hairdresser and had been going to him for a few years but on the road…who knows!

So, I started growing out my hair.  It’s been about 35 years since I had hair past my shoulders.  My logic was that telling a new hairdresser “Straight across the bottom” with long hair would be easier than explaining the shape and style and hoping they got it right.

After several months it did get below my shoulders.  Not all one length yet, so to keep strands from flopping into my face and eyes every time I look down I was putting the top part into a ponytail up high on my head and putting the rest into a second ponytail at my neck.  The top part did feed into the bottom part.  Here’s a picture that sort of shows how it was from the back (click on picture to enlarge it if you’re interested in seeing my hair):

(by the way, this picture is of me walking THROUGH the hollow trunk of a giant Sequoia tree.  Over a hundred years ago loggers working in the area bunked in this tree trunk – you can still see carvings they made in the walls)

But, long hair is more difficult to take care of.  In the trailer we can’t take long, luxurious showers as we have holding tanks and we have to pack up and tow the trailer to a dump site when the tanks get full.  Every time I brushed it or re-did the ponytails I’d find hair all over the place (and I thought only dogs shed!).  It took longer to shampoo and rinse.  I found I really don’t like having my hair down around my shoulders – flopping into my face when I bent over, getting in my mouth with a mouthfull of food.  How do people with long hair manage that!?!?  And, I have thick hair so there’s a LOT of it to take care of.

SO, I decided to head to a Supercuts in a nearby city and get it cut off.  I had a picture of when I had short hair so I showed that to the stylist and she suggested making it a bit longer in the front so I can tuck it behind my ears and shorter in the back where my hair gets curly.  She did a GREAT job and I really like it.

I had Jeff take pictures front, side, back so next time I want it trimmed I can show the stylist exactly how I want it.  Hopefully I get good stylists who can keep this style going!

One of my hobbies – baking my own bread!

I help my mom make rolls every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but other than that I don’t really have experience baking bread.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, but time and other commitments got in the way.

Now that we’re retired and have lots of time to do what we want, I’ve decided to start baking my own bread.  I made a simple white loaf this morning.  First time using the oven as well so I had to figure out how to light the pilot before putting the loaf in, and I was a bit unsure how well the temperature would match what’s on the dial etc.  Here’s a link to the recipe I used (click here).

Once I master this, I plan to make some sourdough starter so we can have sourdough bread, and also to make other types of bread such as pumpernickel, rye, etc.

Here’s a picture of my first loaf of bread…I had to take the shot quickly while it was still cooling because Jeff couldn’t wait to slice some of it.  He declared it is delicious!

Laddy poses with a model

A few days ago we took a drive in the afternoon and ended up at the Sunrise Hiway Kwaahii lookout over the desert.  We noticed that there was a male model and photographer there already and they were doing a photo shoot.  The model was all dressed in black and as we walked by with Laddy, they asked if they could use him in some of the shots.  We said “Of Course!”

The result is that Laddy is featured in the photo gallery of the photo shoot!  Here’s the photo that includes Laddy (below) and here’s a link to the photo gallery from my Facebook page:!/jazzzr.  Just scroll down on my Facebook page a little and you’ll see it.