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Lunch in the Rocky Mountains – a great fresh deli to try!

We drove from one end of the Rocky Mountain Natl Park to the other and then back again so we could see the views from both directions (and it’s not a loop so it would have been a few hours to get back to start without driving back through the park) so while in the town on the other side, Estes Park, we stopped for lunch.

We wanted something light and fast so we stopped at “Scratch Deli and Bakery”. What a great place! They make almost everything from scratch, including the bread and they also smoked the turkey meat right there. The sandwiches were HUGE and really good. Here’s my review on Yelp:

Chinese food in Akron, NY – yum!

While in the Akron area (30 minutes outside of Buffalo) we decided to try some Chinese food.  China King is a little storefront right in the heart of Akron.  It doesn’t look like much, but the food was definitely worth it!

Here’s my review on Yelp:

Top of the Hill – a great BBQ place in Brattleboro, VT

While we were stuck in the motel in Brattleboro we ate most dinners in our room (freezer and microwave food) but we went out a few times.  The choices were limited in this small town, but we did go to one place that was excellent – called “Top of the Hill BBQ” as it was on a small bluff above the river that runs through town.  Great food out of a very small kitchen (a bit larger than a food truck!).

Here’s my review on Yelp:

Lobster! In Maine…

We wanted to get real Maine lobster while on the coast of Maine, and there was a seafood restaurant within walking distance of our RV park.  It wasn’t on the water in one of the little coastal towns but it wasn’t as expensive either!

And, the food was great!  Here’s the link to my review of the restaurant on Yelp:

And, here’s a picture of Jeff enjoying his lobster:

A Cajun restaurant in Marietta!

When we got together with Jeff’s friend from college we went to a cajun restuarant, Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen.  It’s a real nice restaurant and Jeff felt the Shrimp Creole was doing really well.  Lynne and I both had the “skinny salmon” (no sauce) – YUMMY!

Here’s my review of the restaurant on Yelp: