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Dog park in Marietta GA

The RV park where we’re staying in Marietta doesn’t have an off-leash area or even a field nearby where Laddy can run around, so finding a dog park is important.  We found two within a few miles, one with bark/mulch (yuck!) and one with grass.  Here’s my review of the grassy dog park on

Nice dog park in Centralia, WA (near Chehalis where we stayed)

While staying in Chehalis we looked for nearby dog parks, as we always do, and found a nice one in Centralia, just a few miles away.  The Fort Borst Park is heavily forested so the whole park is nice and cool and shady.  The dog park is in one of the few places with some sun but it still had plenty of shade.  Laddy enjoyed it!  We did have to leave early once as a guy showed up with a friendly German Shepard, but he kept jumping up on Laddy and Laddy really doesn’t like that and would get aggressive on the other dog.  We were a bit surprised at the aggressiveness in him and decided to leave.  Oh well, dogs will be dogs!  Here’s the link to the review I wrote:

New to our Blog – Reviews!

After being on the road for several months, Jeff and I have realized we can’t recall names of restaurants we enjoyed, some details about RV Parks that we might want to remember if we come to an area again, etc.

And, we’ve realized that while online review websites such as and have some good information, we find some dog parks and good places to visit through other avenues such as neighbors at an RV Park or just driving by and saying “Oh, look…!”

So, we thought we’d better start documenting the good and the bad about places we’ve been.  We’ll focus on RV Parks, dog parks and restaurants as we need those everywhere, but we’ll also include local attractions such as museums, state and county parks, etc that we visit and either like or want to avoid next time.

Laddy got to enjoy the beach and surf in Avila Beach, CA

When we first got Laddy he was very unsure of putting his feet into water – what a long way he’s come!!  We took him to a beach in Avila Beach that a neighbor had said dogs could go off-leash, and boy did he have a great time!!  There were several other dogs catching a frisbee in the surf and he joined right in – got very wet but had a blast!

I’m hoping to upload a video of him playing in the water.

Here’s  my review on BringFido: