Lake Livingston – pretty!

Near our home base in Livingston, TX is a lake.  Lake Livingston is very pretty and is the second largest lake in Texas.  It’s also man-made.   It was created in the 1960s to provide a reservoir of usable water for the city of Houston.

An interesting fact about it is that when the dam was being built and the dimensions of the lake were known, they were published so people who owned what would become lakefront property could build retaining walls.  Unfortunately, creating the lake meant that lots of property, including several dairy farms, were submerged and disappeared.

Much of the lakeshore is private homes, there is a state park bordering some of the lake shore.

Here’s a link to a website that has lots of info and pictures from Lake Livingston:

We’re starting to travel again – YEA!

After 16 months in one place (except for two 1-week excursions) we are now starting to travel again!  FIrst stop – Livingston, TX to take care of some items at our home base.

We spent five days getting from Escondido CA to Livingston TX as we don’t like to travel more than 6 hours each day.  We stopped at these RV parks along the way:

4/1/16: Rovers Roost RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ

4/2/16: DreamCatchers RV Park in Deming, NM

4/3/16: Van Horn RV Park in Van Horn, TX

4/4/16: Johnson Creek RV Resort in Ingram, TX

4/5/16: Arrive at Rainbow’s End, the Escapee’s RV park in Livingston