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Springtime in the Northeast

When we visited the site of the “North Bridge” where the “Shot Heard Round the World” happened (the start of the Revolutionary War) I was pleasantly surprised to find a beatiful garden on the grounds of the Park Service building.

It’s nice to finally be in spring time and it’s beautiful all over in the northeast part of the country.  I’ve noticed that there’s more use of color in people’s front yards than I ever saw in So. California.  There are colorful flowering bushes and plants everywhere!

Here are some pictures of the garden at the park:

Wildflowers on Mount St. Helens – beautiful variety

There was a huge area around the north side of Mount St. Helens that is still devastated even after 34 years because of the depth of the ash.  But a little further away the ash wasn’t as deep and the area became renewed after just a few years.

The wildflowers is a good example of this.  There were a LOT of varieties of flowers on the hillsides and mountain.  Beautiful!  Here are some pictures: