Moving Sale – Everything Must Go!

Well, it’s the end of day 1 of our Moving Sale.  Anything that doesn’t fit into the trailer or truck bed is being sold as we are not going to have a storage unit.

People were knocking at the door at 6am!  Luckily we were already up and dressed.  By 8am most of our big items were gone and much of the little stuff was gone as well.  The rest of the day was pretty slow.

Day 2 promises to be slow since there’s not much left.  What doesn’t sell will be donated to charity or hauled away by a junkman.

Next step – fit all the stuff we want to take with us into the trailer!

My First Day of Retirement

I consider today to be my first day of retirement as it’s a Monday and is the first day I am not at work.  It’s been a fairly quiet day, I haven’t done anything exciting or really worthy of a first day of retirement.  Mostly I’m preparing the house for this weekend when we’ll sell all of our furniture and most of our belongings, as well as packing and organizing what we’re planning to put in the trailer and take with us.

The first day of our new adventure will really come on August 1st when we have everything sold or donated, the trailer packed and hitched to the truck, Laddy in the back seat and we take off!


Did you notice the background pictures?

The background pictures scattered around the top of the page are from travels we’ve already done.  This blog won’t focus on previous travels and I may replace the pictures at some point but for now it’s what we have pictures of.

The picture on the left is on Coronado Island during a whale watching tour.  Six hours from San Diego down to Coronado and then back again.  We did see a blue whale and followed it for about a half-hour watching it spout, surface etc.

On the right are pictures from other trips we’ve taken, Morro Rock at sunset, Bryce Canyon, and Lake George in New York.

The trips that Jeff and I have taken in the past inspired us to do what we’re going to do now – travel full-time living in a trailer!  This country has so much to see, so many varied and unique places that we have to do it full-time or we wont’t get it all done. 

Of course, we’ll be spending time with our grandkids too, and other family members that we haven’t seen much over the year.

Thanks for checking out my blog and be sure to check back once in a while and see what we’re up to!

Meet Laddy

Here’s a picture of Laddy, our new dog and companion.  Jeff and I have always known we would want a dog with us on our travels, and a Dobie is a great choice because they’re very smart, easily trained, and almost always well-behaved with strangers and in strange places (unlike other dogs we’ve known and loved).

We recently adopted Laddy from Dobie SOS, a rescue group out of Tehachipi.  Laddy had been picked up by Animal Control running down a busy street, thin and with wounds.  They nursed him back to health and out of 8 dobies we looked at, Laddy was a clear first choice!

We’ll talk about Laddy’s adventures more in our blog.