New home – we bought a fifth wheel for more room and easier towing/hitching!

While staying in one place for several months, we had the opportunity to visit an RV dealership, and while browsing through the travel trailers and fifth wheels “just for the fun of it” we entered one that I just fell in love with immediately!

It’s a fifth-wheel with 3 slideouts which gives us WAY more room!  We thought hard about the expense for a couple of months, but then decided to purchase it and trade in our travel trailer that had been our home for over 3 years.

We LOVE IT!  More room, more storage, and some features that will be great when we’re travelling – like automatic levelers so I don’t have to have Jeff back into a space, get out the level, find it’s not level, have Jeff pull forward, put a board under wheels, have him back up again, check the level again, pull forward so I can add another board (sometimes), back up again, etc.  We just pull into the space, unhitch (which is also easier!) and press a button.  Voila!

Here are a few pictures of our new home before we loaded it with stuff: