A really nice RV park here in Coarsegold!

After the tight space in our Pismo Beach RV site, we headed up to Coarsegold where there is an Escapee Club Co-op RV park.  What a change!  The sites are spacious and separated so there’s quite a bit of privacy at each site.

But, as with all the Escapee Club parks, everyone is very friendly!  The park itself is in the foothills of Yosemite, so all our walks are up and down hills.  Good workout!

And, there’s a small dog park where Laddy can go off leash and run around.  It’s quite hilly as well.  It’s open 7/24 but around 4pm a lot of people show up with their dogs so Laddy can socialize…although almost all are little guys!  Laddy is definitely the biggest dog in the park!

Here are a few pictures of our site and the park: