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Big Sur – rocky cliffs along the ocean – it was a FABULOUS drive!

We took a day trip and drove down to the Big Sur region of the coast.  While it was quite foggy all morning, it did clear up around lunchtime enough so we could see the coastline and get some great pictures.  One place in particular was fascinating – at the Jula Pfieffer State Park there was a waterfall right on the beach!  No beach access but there was a trail along the cliffs with a great view of the waterfall for pictures.  Several of the pictures in the slide show below are of that waterfall, the rest are of various places where the cliffs along the beach were really breathtaking!

We took Laddy down to the beach in one area that he was allowed (no dogs allowed on State Park trails, but dogs ARE allowed on the trails in national park/forest areas) and we walked along the shore for a while with him.  One wave came in quite high and got about ankle deep for Laddy and for me – COLD water!!  After that he stayed away from the water, LOL

Enjoy the photos we took:



From Three Rivers to Morgan Hill

Today was a travel day, so right after breakfast we started the process of stowing and readying our trailer for travel.  It was actually sprinkling as we were hooking up the trailer.  But, after several weeks of 90+ temperatures in Julian without A/C, and 100+ temperaturs in Three Rivers (at least we had A/C!) it was a very nice feeling to get a little wet and be cool!


Heading Out

So, off we go today from Three Rivers to Morgan Hill, which is south of San Jose/about 30 minutes from the Monterey Bay.  Here in Morgan Hill it’s about 73 degrees and our site is in full shade.  We’ll have to get our sweaters out LOL!

Here’s our new RV Park, Oak Dell RV Park.  Very pretty, quiet, shady, a lot of the people here appear to be “long time” residents in trailers and RVs.  Many of them have flowerpots, enclosed decks etc.  We’re just here for a week though.

Oak Dell RV Park