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More deer wandering through the park

This photo gallery is of two adult female deer with 3 young ones that wandered through an area of the camp where we happened to be.  Unfortunately it was right after we dropped off Carli and Huntar, so weweren’t able to share it with them

You’ll need to enlarge the photos to see the deer, in most they are walking to the right side of the picture.

Wildlife around William Heise county park

Well, we’ve been here at William Heise County Park for 4 days now.  The A/C is still out; we took the trailer to the dealer yesterday and he has ordered the necessary part so hopefully in a few days we’ll take it back down the hill again and get it fixed.  The afternoon from about 2:30-7:30pm is very VERY hot in the trailer, partly because our site has no shade during the afternoon.  I take my camp chair and a book and find a shady place with a breeze to spend the afternoon.

We’ve taken several walks around the park and several drives around the area, which is beautiful.  You can still see scars and remnants from the fire a few years ago, but a lot of the area has grown back and the brush is very high around the park.

We’ve seen lots of squirrels, some rabbits and a couple of jackrabbits.  Laddy is VERY interested in these little critters!  We’ve also seen several turkeys and a few deer.  We’ve tried to take pictures but they take off as soon as we get the camera out.  We’ve got some woodpeckers nesting in the tree next to our picnic table;, it’s fun to watch the male come in and land right next to the knot in the tree where the nest is just to have the female squack at him till he takes off again.  I guess she doesn’t want any help.

We also saw some woodpecker chicks (we think that’s what they are) down on the road today and got a couple of pictures of them.  Sorry for the poor quality of the attached pictures…you just can’t get these wild animals to hold still.  If you click on any of the pictures below it will enlarge it.

On the other hand, Laddy is now a model.  We took a drive over to Sunrise Highway and pulled off at the Kwaaymii point overlooking the desert.  There was a photographer and a male model doing a photo shoot.  The male model was all in black and was very thin and “model-like

” looking.  As we walked Laddy past them Jeff called out “need another model?” and they both looked at Laddy and got excited about having him in some of the shots.  So the model posed with Laddy, I got behind the photographer to get Laddy’s attention so he’d be looking right at the camera, and they took several really good shots.  The photographer promised to send a few of them to us, hopefully he remembers to do that!

At William Heise campground – Julian, CA

Jeff’s last day at work was yesterday (7/31) and today we headed out of town with our new home (the trailer).  We didn’t go too far – up to William Heise campground in Julian CA.  First day with the trailer so getting it set up and ready to use was interesting.

Friends recommend we not go too far the first couple of weeks in case of problems and we’re lucky we did that as the A/C won’t work.  We contacted the dealer and may have to take it in tomorrow – we just got here!!

But, for sure we can’t do without the A/C – it’s hitting the 90s during the day and we aren’t in the shade at our spot.

Here are some pictures to show what our trailer looks like “up and runing” (well mostly).