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Florida Caverns – did you know Florida has a cavern like Carlsbad does?

The Florida Caverns is in the panhandle of Florida where there are hills, in southern Florida a hole in the ground would be filled with water!

The Florida Caverns is a state park and while much smaller than the Carlsbad Caverns it’s unique and very interesting!  There’s a lot more white in the stalactites and stalagmites due to a higher concentration of calcite.  This cavern was discovered in the early 20th century and walkways were dug out  by the CCC during the depression to make it accessible to visitors.  Even with the walkways being dug out, it’s a lot more natural-looking and in several areas we had to bend way down to get through.  It’s advertised as being 4 feet high in some areas and 2 feet wide in some areas.

We saw a lot of seashells in the ceiling area as the whole area was once underwater.  We saw a larger fossil in one area noted in the picture below, as well as a formation named the Tower of Babel and one that resembles a statue of a mother holding a child.

An interesting point is that this cavern was discovered when the owner of the property decided to cut down a tree that had fallen over – when he arrived at the tree he noticed that a big hole in the ground where the roots had come out.  He crawled into the hole and discovered the cavern!

Here are some pictures we took during our tour of the cavern: